Discontinued Ceramic Tile
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Discontinued Ceramic Tile

Discontinued Ceramic Tile

Discontinued Ceramic Tile Is Not Impossible To Find

Remodeling your home may eventually be inevitable, but if you choose to restore an area rather than remodel it, there may be ways to make old look new. A great way to make a room such as a bathroom or a kitchen look new without replacing all the fixtures and tile is to replace individual tiles rather than completely remodel. An unfortunate problem in a remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is that often you may find that you no longer have replacement tiles in storage. On top of that, you find that your tile is no longer being manufactured. So what do you do if you find you are stuck with discontinued ceramic tile?

The answer is not to tear it all out and buy all new tile. That would defeat your goal of restoring rather than remodeling. You may think that if you have discontinued ceramic tile, that you are faced with no other alternative than to tear it all out.

One suggestion for finding discontinued ceramic tile is to contact the manufacturer. In some cases they may have back stock of a discontinued pattern or style of tile. They may also be able to give you a list of the retailers and wholesalers in your area that carried that tile.

With the list of retailers in your area you may be able to locate the discontinued ceramic tile by contacting them and seeing if any of them have the tiles you need on hand. In many cases, a retailer may have pulled a discontinued pattern off their shelves but have a few, or perhaps even a dozen or more of that tile. It may just be taking up space in their warehouse. If you are lucky enough to find this to be the case with one of your local tile stores you may be able to buy their entire stock for a great discount.

In some cases discontinued ceramic tile has been replaced with a tile that has only been slightly changed from the original pattern. If so, you may be able to locate new tile that is almost identical to the discontinued ceramic tile.

There are companies that specialize in locating discontinued ceramic tile. In many cases, these services will know immediately how to locate this tile. If they don't know of an immediate source, they may be able to locate it with a little effort.

One national chain that carries thousands of discontinued ceramic tile is Discount Tile Outlet. With many locations throughout the country they may even have a location in your area.

Often to find discontinued ceramic tile, you may need to look outside of your local area. Some internet sites that pertain to home improvement projects offer bulletin boards on their website. Posting an inquiry on one of these bulletin boards may be the only way to find that missing discontinued ceramic tile. An example of these sites is, Bob Vila.com. Another website that may help locate discontinued ceramic tile is ceramic-tile.com. This site is a resource for discontinued tiles and they may be able to help you.

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