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Ceramic Bathroom Tile

Ceramic Bathroom Tile

Ceramic Bathroom Tile Can Bring New Life To A Dingy Room

When it comes time to redecorate a home the one room that can be the most difficult and most costly is the bathroom. If it is necessary to replace the fixtures, tub, shower and commode the renovation can run into the thousands of dollars. One way that you can make the most of a renovation of a bathroom is by using ceramic bathroom tile for the walls and floors.

Ceramic bathroom tile on the floor can add a great new look while providing a material that will hold up to years of use and continue to look great. Ceramic tile is durable and cost efficient, it can be a great replacement to out of date linoleum.

Ceramic bathroom tile will not just provide an affordable and cost efficient material for flooring; tile also makes a great material for bathroom walls. Ceramic tiles hold up against the harsh elements of a bathroom, they are not damaged by moisture as linoleum is; they retain heat and help keep a bathroom cool in any weather. If cost if holding you back, you should be able to find some great quality discontinued ceramic tile at a discounted price. Just because it is discontinued doesn't mean it isn't good quality. Sometimes they are replacing it with a little different style.

Ceramic bathroom tile come in a vast array of colors, designs, shapes and textures. A great way to provide a personal one of a kind touch to your bathroom is to hand paint plain white or neutral color tile. In certain rooms, even black ceramic tile can fit in really well.

Ceramic bathroom tiles are sold in various grades. A good way to save money while still using ceramic tiles in a bathroom is to substitute standard grade ceramic tile with second grade bathroom tiles. While very similar in appearance and quality to standard bathroom tile second grade tile may have some minor imperfections. These imperfections can pertain to size and glaze. These tiles will be a little off from their standard tile specifications, but in most cases these differences are not detectable by the average person.

Since second grade ceramic bathroom tile is basically standard grade tile with minor imperfections they will be more affordable than the standard grade and can be a great way to redo a bathroom without going to the expense of standard tile.

Along with standard and secondary grades there is another rating system that pertains to ceramic bathroom tile. This system is the PEI wear rating system. This system categorizes ceramic tile into different levels of use.

The system contains five grades of ceramic bathroom tile. The first of these grades is the intended for residential bathroom floors, the second group is tile for residential use, but recommended for areas with light traffic such as bathrooms and bedrooms. The third group of ceramic bathroom tile is suitable for commercial and residential use. Level four and five tiles are intended for commercial use.

With a vast array of styles and colors there are ceramic bathroom tile suitable for any bathroom decor. Ceramic tiles actually serve a purpose beyond just looking good. They are durable and able to withstand the excess water and change of temperature that is typical with a bathroom. When you shop at your ceramic tile stores you want to make sure you find a product that is going to give you years of use, while making your bathroom attractive for years to come.

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